Aug 28, 2012 I tried changing up between the RAID, IDE, and AHCI in the storage configurations but it didn't change much. Except when I changed it to AHCI.... Sometimes I'm getting BSOD when I connect it, sometimes the USB device is detected but the HDD will not show up in Windows and sometimes it works just fine.. In the IDE Configuration menu, select Configure SATA as and press Enter. ... To create a partition on the RAID volume, insert the Tools and Drivers DVD into.... Apr 11, 2017 I got an old enclosure with an ATA/IDE drive with WinXP on it and many ... explain why the Mac doesn't detect a device attached at all.. Hard disk drives are accessed over one of a number of bus types, including parallel ATA (PATA, also called IDE or EIDE; described before the introduction of.... Since IDE was enabled at install only the IDE storage driver was configured in ... Improve old application disk performance How to detect what process is.... Due to the favorable prices of the present large Enhanced IDE drives and ... There is another way to detect a translating BIOS but you need a > 504 MB... d9ca4589f4

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